Banner Advertising
We currently offer these types of banner advertising:
  • Sidebar Banner • 300x250 • Shown on Desktop
  • Banner between posts • Any size up to 728x90 • Shown on Desktop + Mobile

Our advertisement system allows you to advertise on your site. After a successful payment, your ads will be activated automatically on our site.
We may have several ads in rotation, which means that your banner may not show up on every page visit (max of 5 banners).

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Paid Stickies
Paid stickies are threads which are pinned to the top of a forum section. These type of ads are shown to everyone.
You're only able to purchase a sticky for your own threads.

Popular sections: Other sections:
  • A sticky in all other sections costs $15 per week.

Special offer: If you purchase a sticky for a full month, you'll pay 10% less.

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Blacklisted Content
  • Adult sites/content
  • Hacking
  • Illegal content
  • Referral links
  • Scam/Phishing sites
  • Gambling